Yes, you can become a software engineer through an accredited online degree program. Read on to learn how.

software engineer with online degree

By Jennifer Wegerer

Like many online programs, remote software engineering learning has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Ideal for working adults trying to balance a job and a family, as well as other students interested in completing courses at their own pace, online degree programs provide flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness. So what is the best way to get a software engineering degree online? That depends on the student.

Choosing an Online Program

When it comes to earning a software engineering online degree, students have several choices:

  • An online program that delivers all software engineering courses online
  • A traditional university that provides an all-online curriculum
  • A college program that presents a combination of online and classroom software engineering coursework

Schools like Colorado Technical University (CTU) focus on distance learning and have built a strong reputation for their wide range of degree programs available exclusively in online formats. At CTU, students can choose from a number of software engineering online degrees, including bachelor's and master's degree programs in information technology specialties and computer science.  

In comparison, more traditional institutions like Texas Tech University (TTU) have created software engineering online degree programs out of their standard curriculum, including an online master's program, to meet the growing demand among today's students. Traditional universities and all online schools may require some face-to-face time now and then, such as for an introductory meeting or weekend class at the beginning of the initial term.

Online Certification Programs

By default, software engineering jobs demand that you keep your knowledge of technology up to date. A good way to show employers that you have kept your skills current is to get certified in a technical specialty. Like software engineering online degrees, many online colleges offer professional certifications in specific areas of software engineering. Some examples include database development, network security, web design, Microsoft operating systems and Oracle database administration.

Professional certification not only demonstrates your expertise in software engineering, but it can increase your job opportunities and salary potential. In the end, if you see yourself playing a leadership role in your company in the future, software engineering online certification programs can help you get a firm footing on that path.

Online Programs Make Sense for Today's Students

If you have the personality and self-discipline to thrive in an online learning environment, then best way for you to get a software engineering degree may be through an online program. Learn more about software engineering degrees and colleges. Then search our comprehensive directory of schools, and request more information from the software engineering online degree programs that interest you most.